When I founded the Healthologist, I knew it was important to acquire the appropriate education and training to become an expert in preventative health.  As a classically trained chef, Health Coach, Certified Personal Trainer and soon to be Registered Dietitian, I have acquired the necessary skills to help people prevent health problems. For the last 5 years, I have used my expertise and passion to help thousands achieve optimal health.  I have been featured on ABC, WGN, Fox and ESPN giving audiences advice about nutrition, fitness, and other wellness topics.  Now, I plan to offer my coaching services to individuals just like you.


As one of America's foremost healthy chefs, I realize that food is much more than a biological necessity, it's medicine, art and a treasure to be enjoyed by multiple senses.  Food is an equally important resource to our environment, which is why I am an evangelist for sustainability and promote the use of organic ingredients.

I received my culinary training at the Illinois Institute of Art in Chicago.  After completing my culinary training, I successfully operated one of Chicago’s top healthy meal delivery services for three years.  To further enhance my knowledge of nutrition, I decided to obtain a Masters of Nutrition and become a Licensed Dietitian.


I decided to become an expert in food and nutrition to better serve the public. My education and training allows me to work in the treatment and prevention of conditions such as diabetes, obesity and digestive disorders​​.  ​I focus on the impact of foods on the human body, promote wholesome habits and counsel people when their food choices affect their health.​

I will complete my Masters of Nutrition program in December 2012.  In January 2013, I will take the exam to become a Registered Dietitian (RD) and obtain a license in Illinois.  Upon obtaining my RD credentials. I will possess a unique combination of skills that are unrivaled in the health and wellness industry.



I help individuals set appropriate goals, assess a client’s current level of fitness, and design personal fitness routines.  By providing motivation, proper exercise instruction, and lifestyle change recommendations, I will help you achieve sustainable results.

As a certified National Strength and Conditioning personal trainer, I instruct clients in several types of activity including: cardiovascular exercise, aerobic exercise, weight training, strength training exercise and stretching methods.  


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